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Pretend I'm Your Friend is “An affecting collection…” —People

"Caschetta’s prose is simple and evocative—and as she skillfully weaves these individual lives together, she reveals a complex tapestry of human experience.”
—Entertainment Weekly review of Pretend I'm Your Friend

“Short stories that frequently touch on endings—of love, relationship bonds, even life itself—link back to one another in surprising ways in this collection…The confrontations and losses can be gutting, but the ways they tie to one another create a strengthened bond among the survivors; there’s hope amid the ruins created here.”
—Kirkus Reviews on Pretend I'm Your Friend

"This hilarious, touching and important collection reveals the raw, sometimes bitter truth that comes with endings.” —Ashley Macey, Brit + Co review of Pretend I'm Your Friend

Madagascar is "A collection to be held up as evidence that the short story not only endures but also flourishes."—Booklist, starred review

"In upstate New York, young girls go missing, nuns are revolting, Nixon is resigning, and young Cee-Cee Bianco has visions of the Virgin Mary in this polished debut novel...Caschetta’s first novel is filled with a kind of dark poetry and the menace of ordinary evils." —Kirkus Reviews

You Are Free to Go is "an intriguing debut"! —Kirkus Reviews


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