Engine Books Titles


Pretend I'm Your Friend: Stories by MB Caschetta Madagascar: New and Selected Stories by Steven Schwartz Crash Course: Essays From Where Writing and Life Collide by Robin Black Ways to Spend the Night: Stories by Pamela Painter
Miracle Girls: a novel by MB Caschetta Trip Through Your Wires: a novel by Sarah Layden Fort Starlight: a novel by Claudia Zuluaga
Spark: a novel by Courtney Elizabeth Mauk Other Heartbreaks: stories by Patricia Henley You Are Free to Go: a novel by Sarah Yaw. Winner of the 2013 Engine Books Novel Prize “It's clear to me that Courtney Elizabeth Mauk is going to be an important new voice of her generation.
Echolocation: a novel by Myfanwy Collins Play Pretty Blues: a novel of the life of Robert Johnson by Snowden Wright The Fifty-First State: a novel by Lisa Borders Body and Bread: a novel by Nan Cuba
Half as Happy: stories by Gregory Spatz Into This World: a novel by Sybil Baker Shambles: a novel by Debra Monroe After: a novel by Kristin Waterfield Duisberg