Meet the Author: Nan Cuba
Nan Cuba received her MFA in fiction from the Warren Wilson Program for Writers, is the founder and executive director emeritus of Gemini Ink, a nonprofit literary center (, was twice the runner-up for the Dobie Paisano Fellowship, and received a Fundación Valparaiso Residency Grant in Mojácar, Spain. She is currently an associate professor of English at Our Lady of the Lake University.  As an investigative journalist, she reported on the causes of extraordinary violence in publications such as LIFE and D Magazine.  Her stories, poems, and reviews have appeared in Quarterly West,Columbia: A Magazine of Poetry & Prose (runner-up for the journal’s fiction award), the Bloomsbury Review, and theHarvard Review, among others.  She is coeditor of Art at Our Doorstep: San Antonio Writers & Artists (Trinity University Press, 2008.
"Nan Cuba's writing is fierce and passionate and intelligent. In Body and Bread she goes straight to the heart of love and death and families and religion and the land, and faces what is puzzling and tormenting about them. There are no received ideas here, none of the usual pabulum we are being spooned in American cultural life. By teasing apart the bewildering complexities of love and spirit, Cuba shows us that while answers are hard to come by, the process of questioning is crucial to what makes us human."
—Grace Dane Mazur, author of Silk: Stories and Trespass: a novel