Pretend I'm Your Friend: Stories by MB Caschetta


MB Caschetta is an award-winning novelist and short story writer. Her novel Miracle Girls (Engine Books, 2014) won The 2015 USA Best Book Award for Literary Fiction, a Gold Medal in Spiritual Books from the Independent Publisher Awards (IPPYs), and an IndieFAB 2015 Book of the Year in the LGBT category. Miracle Girls was also a Lambda Literary Award Finalist and a People magazine Pick-of-the-Week. Stories from this collection were awarded The Seattle Review Fiction Prize (winner), The Mississippi Review Fiction Prize (runner-up), and The Iowa Review Fiction Prize (finalist).


A sister’s darkest secret is revealed at her brother’s wedding. A woman with extrasensory visions accidentally gives her philandering husband her blessing. A dying mother wishes her cancer was her daughters’, not hers. Pretend I’m Your Friend lays bare the fear, loss, and pain of love, sex, and family life in eleven crisp, engaging, and startlingly funny, elegantly entwined stories.

“There are, I suppose, stories full of brilliance, hilarity, and longing—the stories in MB Caschetta’s terrific Pretend I’m Your Friend are full of all these things—but I can’t remember when I’ve read a collection so full of life. Actual life: the bad jokes, the astounding velocity, the sweetness and darkness. You will love the characters here the way you love your own family: complicatedly, with tenderness, understanding, and consternation. The only difference may be how willing—and eager—you are to introduce them to friends. Good heavens, this book is good.”
—Elizabeth McCracken, author of Thunderstruck

“A book of youthful verve, humor, melancholy and desire.It confronts the central mysteries: sexual, familial, and spiritual with elegance and aplomb.” 
—Carole Maso, author of Mother & Child


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