Engine Books Titles

Half as Happy: Stories by Gregory Spatz. Available for pre-order in April 2012. Full release & shpping in October 2012.

Body and Bread: a novel by Nan Cuba

Order today. Shipping now. Coming in April 2013. Coming in May 2013.
Play Pretty Blues: a novel by Snowden Wright
Other Heartbreaks: Stories


Coming in November 2013. Order today. Shipping now. Shipping now! Order today.
On the Outskirts of Normal: Now in paperback and ebook. Shambles: Now available in paperback and ebook.

On the Outskirts of Normal: A Memoir by Debra Monroe. Shipping now.

Shambles: a novel by Debra Monroe. Buy it!

Shipping now! Order today.

Order today. Shipping now.

Order today. Shipping now.


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